In Case of a Property Loss

  • Take reasonable and necessary steps to protect your property from further damage. If you need to make emergency repairs, please keep an accurate record of the repair expenses. When possible, retain damaged property for inspection and take photos before taking any action. A lot of claims deal with a plumbing system releasing water into a home or business. As part of the duties after loss, the water entering the home needs to be stopped by you or a plumbing professional of your choice. It is important that this is taken care of as soon as possible in an effort to minimize damage. Following a substantial fire loss, your home or building will need to be boarded up to protect it from the elements and potential theft.Please be advised that some types of losses and the resulting damages are not covered by the insurance policy contract, but if you need emergency assistance you are welcome to contact one of the contractors listed below. The list is comprised of companies that have exemplified great customer service and quality of work in our dealings with them. We do not guarantee their work, guarantee payment to them, nor do we accept any liability from their actions. Please know that you are welcome to choose a contractor of your choice.
  • Submit a claim to Hill Insurance and Investments as soon as possible.