I work for Uber. What insurance do I need?

They type of insurance needed when you get a job with Uber or Lyft is called RideShare Insurance.

Ride-sharing services are becoming very popular as Utah valley grows, but here are three questions to ask before giving or requesting a ride.

What are the risks to drivers?

  • You could Injure to a passenger or yourself.
  • Injury to a pedestrian or someone in another vehicle.
  • Potential Damage to your vehicle.
  • Damage to another vehicle, building, or other property.
  • Damage to the passenger’s or your personal property.

Does my policy cover ride sharing?

Most personal auto policies in Utah do not include coverage when you are using your car for ride sharing.

Some insurance companies now offer policies for ride-sharing drivers but this type of insurance is still not common. These policies may cover only part of the time you are driving, such as the time before you pick up a passenger. Some policies cover only damage to other people and their property, but not damage your car or your property. Ask your local insurance company or agent to be sure you have the coverage you need.

Utah requires ride-sharing companies, such as Uber or Lyft, to have insurance that covers people or property the driver injures if the driver does not have insurance. Some companies also cover damage to your car. Your ride-sharing company is required to tell you about the insurance requirements, including the types of coverage and the limits for the policy. Be sure to read the policy or review it with your own insurance agent.