Electric Scooters: What You Need to Know

A warning before you zip off on that scooter.

Electric scooter rentals are all the rage in Utah cities and college campuses. Tempted to try one? Here’s what you need to know if you get into an accident.

You're probably not covered

Most scooter rental agreements make it clear that you assume all liability. And you probably don’t have coverage through your home or auto insurance if you run over something – or someone. That’s because home policies don’t usually cover damage caused by motorized vehicles, and your auto policy is unlikely to cover an electric scooter.

What about injuries?

Your health insurance will probably cover your injuries – but not injuries to anyone in your path. If you let someone else ride a scooter you rented, there could be complications. And be aware that most scooter agreements don’t allow minors to ride.

Will things change?

Probably. Insurance companies may start offering coverage for scooters if they stay popular. And some cities are talking about requiring scooter rental companies to provide coverage for users.

The bottom line

Check with your insurance agent to see what’s covered now and ask if coverage is available. Make sure to read the scooter rental agreement carefully.

And stay safe out there.